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Article: Organic Newborn Essentials Checklist

Organic Newborn Essentials Checklist

Organic Newborn Essentials Checklist

Newborn Essentials

As the newborn fog finally lifts, I'm excited to share the essentials from the shop that I ACTUALLY used with my newborn babe. If you are anything like me, you don't want to buy more than you need, which can make creating your baby registry extra overwhelming. The good news is that I literally just went through all of this and recorded EXACTLY what I used for the first few months and what I think you will ACTUALLY need when your bundle of joy arrives. So, register for these items and if you don't receive them all, don't freak. We offer 2-3 day shipping if you are in a pinch once your babe arrives.  ;)  

01. 8 X BODYSUITS- kimono onesies or anything that is easy to put over your babes head are going to be your BFF. You won't want to pull anything tight over your babies head. Our bodysuits are all super stretchy and take your babies head size into account.

02. 4-6 X SWADDLES- Not only will your baby sleep swaddled every night, but these have a thousand uses: stroller covers, breastfeeding covers, blanket, and even a burp cloth. We recommend 4-6, but you seriously can't have too many. 

03. 1 X FOOTIES- When you don't want to fuss with socks and leggings, footies are an easy solution to keeping your newborn warm and cozy. I only recommend getting 1 pair because they aren't going to fit for a super long time. 

04. 1-2 X PACIS- You never know if your babe will take a paci, so just get a couple to start. We love these because they are made with natural and non-toxic rubber from Hevea trees. Add a paci clip if you don't want your paci to end up on the ground.

05. 1 X TAKE-ME-HOME-OUTFIT- This is going to be the first outfit your baby wears so better make it cozy. This one is made of organic cotton fleece goodness and the footies will keep your babies toes warm in transit. We added the baby peter pan collar tee for warmth and I seriously can't get enough of babies in peter pan collars. 

06. 2 X SCRATCH MITTENS- OMG babies have long sharp nails that grow way too fast. I was terrified to cut them in the first few weeks so I through these simple scratch mittens on her hands so I didn't have to worry about her scratching her face.

07. 2-5 SOFT BONNETS- The earlier you start hat training your babe the better chance you have of them actually rocking a hat in life. We loved Petite Soul bonnets because they were soft and wrapped around her tiny head nicely and EllieFunDay because who wouldn't want to turn their newborn babe into a cute little animal.  BONUS: Bonnets keep your babes head warm.

08. 4 X SOCKS (high socks!) This is the best hack of my newborn days. Most socks DO NOT stay up, but we found high socks DO stay up and last a long time. Sofia is still wearing her high socks from birth.

09. 4-6 BURP CLOTHS - Because babies spit up a lot. We loved these by Willaby burp cloths because they actually looked cute laying around the house.

10. 1 X BABY LOUNGER- Although you may want to, you can't hold your baby all day long, so we recommend investing in a chemical free place for your babe to hang all day. Not only is this baby lounger beautiful, but it is safe, and easy to pack.

11. 4 X TIGHTS- The cutest and most affordable way to jazz up those newborn bodysuits. They also make for quick and easy diaper changes. BONUS: leggings are stretchy and fit for a super long time. You are going to get a ton of use out of these(promise!)

12. 4-6 SLEEPERS- Babies are going to spend a lot of time sleeping, so opt for sleepers made with organic materials. We love convertible jumpers because they make for easy diaper changes.

13. 1 X BUM BALM- Diaper rash happens, no matter how many times you clean that tush. Our organic bum balm by Danni Kenney will clean that up in a jiff. 


Have any recommendations on newborn essentials that helped you during the newborn days? Leave a comment below. We would love any and all advice! 

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